Emilien Badoux

Name: Emilien

Surname: Badoux

Nickname: Mimil

Homebase: Verbier

City: Champsec

Country: Swizerland

Facebook Name: Emilien Badoux

Instagram Name: emilien_badoux

Youtube: Emilien Badoux

Indiana Board 1: The Indiana pro surf 5’10

Indiana Board 2: The Indiana city surf 5’2

Any Board: The Indiana wake surf 4’8 with strap

Your Paddle: The Indiana sup Fiji 11’6

You enjoy your board(s) in:

☐ SUP Races          ☐ SUP AdvenTours   ☐ Surf Foil Wake ☐ SUP Yoga & Fitness

In which country(s):

Switzerland for wakesurf and paddel and for surfing, Maroco,mexico,france,Bali and Hawaïi

  Your favourite spot(s):

Puerto Escondido Mexico for surfing

Your craziest, best, funniest or most adventurous ride ever:

I like to wake up during the night, walk to the beach to be the first  in the water. Sometimes is still dark when I paddel to the pic. The best moment is when the sunrise and you can see the different light in the waves.

Other hobbies than riding a board on liquid water:

I’m snowboarder first before be a surfer and I’m doing yoga since 20 years

Your goal 2019:

Learn new tip of turns and of course get some huge barrels in my next trip in Nicaragua

Your best contest results so far:

World Champion 2014 in snowboard freeride

Anything you want to let us and / or the world know:

                              I love the water in general, liquid or frozen the feeling of riding powder or waves is really similar