René Eigenmann

Name: Eigenmann

Surname: René

Nickname: Boris

Homebase: Immensee & Silvaplana

Facebook Name: Rene Eigenmann

Instagram Name: reneeigenmann

Youtube: Rene Eigenmann

Your favourite quote:

watersports with INDIANA is awesome

Indiana Board 1: 12’6 Touring Carbon/Wood

Indiana Board 2: 5'2 Kitesurf Foil Carbon & 12’6 Touring Inflatable 

Any Board: 6'2 SUP Foil Pro 130 L & 5'6 Citysurf Hardboard on wishlist for new adventures ;-)

Your Paddle: Indiana Carbon Telescope (3-piece)

You enjoy your board(s) in:

☐ SUP Races         ☒ SUP AdvenTours   ☒ Surf Foil Wake ☐ SUP Yoga & Fitness

In which country(s):

Europe by Campervan

  Your favourite spot(s):

Sardegna & Silvaplana

Your craziest, best, funniest or most adventurous ride ever:

Capetown & Maui

Other hobbies than riding a board on liquid water:

eSUP ;-), Snowkiting, Skiing, Sleding, Biking (DH),

Your goal 2019:

have fun on water with less spartime this year

Your best contest results so far?

I do watersports for fun & adrenalin kicks

Anything you want to let us and / or the world know?

eSUP & eFoil will have a future like eBike