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We are giving our all to offering fun on the water to our customers since 2010. For 2020 we went one step further and asked ourselves: „How can we convince any water enthusiast that they will have more fun with our gear than with a random inflatable board from the market?“ Our answer: „Standup Paddling 2.0“ – better functionality for a chilled paddling experience.

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The SUP season finds a slow ending with the Swiss Championships in Richterswil. Surely, for wake surfers and foilers the season is far from over. During high season we also prepared ourselves and worked on the new collection, so we are already able to present you the Lookbook for summer 2022




With the inflatables from Indiana Paddle & Surf, you can easily and relaxed travel the world. We offer boards for all your demands. All boards are new with a Pre Laminated Double Layer for more stiffness and sturdniness - and this with less weight!

For the wide range of use, we recommend the Family Packs. For advanced paddler, which are looking for more performance, the Classic Edition. And for the pro's with the highest expectations, we offer the Limited Edition.

All inflatables are inlucing the new wheelie bag with unique paddle connecting system, the hyperflow fin incl. smart finbolt plus the 1/4 inch thread for mounting the camera on the board nose.

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If you have the opportunity, then get on a hardboard! Our hardboards not only look first-class but are also produced to a high standard and can be paddled with lots of fun. We have the right board for almost every application.

For the racers, we developed a trilogy for flat water and open water. Depending on weight and ability, three widths are available for the 14-foot. With the touring boards, you are on the move quickly and stably.  With the allround boards, you are on the move swiftly and stably in shallow waters. You catch waves early and turn gently and elegantly over the sharp, thin rails. The beautiful paulownia wood veneer is a feast for the eyes, the allround carbon fabric provides suitable durability and performance. 

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Everyone will find the perfect paddle for the required use in our wide selection. We offer everything that the SUP heart desires, from simpler but still high-quality fiberglass/composite to complete fiberglass and high-end carbon paddles. In one, two or three pieces and with different blade sizes.

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The new hyperflow fins make you faster. Accessories such as a leash, ISO certified life jackets or waterproof smartphone cases are important for your safety on the water. Waterproof bags, vacuum bottles and caps are useful to have with you on tours. Shirts, hoodies and a poncho complete the selection.



The surfboard range covers everything from performance boards, shortboards with extra volume for easier wave catching, minimals through to longboards. For traveling without transport problem, we have the stiff Inflatable Surfboards. Citywaves are popping up everywhere, enjoy the ride with one of our three new Citysurf Boards. Also our Wakesurf Collection has been grown impressively.

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Foil Boards

Foiling offers a great deal of variety and the range of fun and use it offers is huge. Together with our developers, we have designed a beautiful collection of SUP, surf, wind, wing, kite and wake foilboards and also four foils. To complete the foil range, we are also offering three inflatalble wing-/kite foil boards and also three WASP V1 wings. Surfing two feetover the water is unreal!

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Pump Foil Test Event in Krefeld
Pump Foil Test Event in Krefeld
You would like to try pump foiling but don't have the right equipment? Don't worry, we might have something for you! In cooperation with SV Bayer U...
The new Lookbook 2022
The new Lookbook 2022
The SUP season finds a slow ending with the Swiss Championships in Richterswil. Surely, for wake surfers and foilers the season is far from over and for us, the...
Indiana Foil Courses at Lienipark
Indiana Foil Courses at Lienipark
We hold weekly Foiling Courses in the Lienipark in Wiesendangen for beginners and more advanced foilers.  Thanks to boards and foils with a lot of buoyancy...

You have the opportunity to rent and test Indiana Paddle & Surf products before you buy them in over 50 different Indiana SUP stations worldwide. The ideal boards for renting stations are the Heavy Duty boards, which are available as 11’5 hardboards and as 11’9 inflatables. The boards are built to be extra robust and almost indestructible. Fins are delivered with the boards. We also recommend stable fiberglass/carbon paddles, leashes, life vests, the new Restube PFD and other accessories.

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In addition, you have the opportunity to learn the fascination of foiling in the Indiana Foil Competence Centers. The professionals will show you the basics, explain the different set-ups and teach you how to fly over the water.

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Our Ambassadors

Our team consists of thoroughbred paddlers, surfer, racer and sup yoga instructors. Get to know them and find out who respresents Indiana Paddle & Surf.

Of course, we are always looking for new faces! Do you have an exciting project or planning the big deal? Just contact us!

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