Adrian Cahenzli

Name: Adrian
Surname: Cahenzli
Homebase: Greifensee
City: Maur
Country: Switzerland

What do you use our boards for:
For Stand Up Paddling training and racing and SUP surfing on the sea

What are your favorite spot(s):
Greifensee / Zürichsee

Your craziest, best, funniest, or most adventurous ride ever:
Clearly the ICE Race 2021 in Thun. The conditions were so wild that I no longer knew where the back and front were.

Other hobbies when you’re not on the water:
Besides work and training, there is not much time left. However, I love to be in the mountains hiking, skiing, snowboarding or paragliding.

What I Do


Your goal this year:
The 2022 World Championships in Poland. I would like to get on the podium in the sprint.

Tell us about a personal achievement:
Qualifying for the final in the sprint at my first World Championships was a surprise for me but a great
experience. This has made me hungry for more.

Your favorite quote:
Always give everything but never give up

Anything you want to let the world know:
Train hard and be disciplined but never forget to enjoy life. You never know what tomorrow will bring.