Behavior & Nature


The shallow water zones are important habitats for birds, fish and insects. Accordingly, these ecosystems need understanding and protection. The "Natur & Freizeit" association wants to use a campaign to draw attention to the need to treat these creatures with respect. To do this, they have defined four behaviors:

  1. Keep your distance from reeds
  2. Keep your distance from gravel islands and sandbars
  3. Keep your distance from bird collections
  4. Respect protected areas

We naturally support this concern as much as possible and want to do our part to ensure that these rules of conduct are observed.


Auch für Stand Up Paddler gelten Regeln & Gesetze an die sie sich halten müssen. Das Merkblatt der Vereinigung der Schifffahrtsämter bietet eine zusammenfassende Übersicht und sollte unbedingt beachtet werden.