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To be on the water – that’s what we live for and that’s what we work for. Our ambition: to put the best boards under the feet of our customers and to hand them the best paddles. There is no magic involved: Our gear is the result of dedication, curiosity, courage of our perfectly matching team of athletes, shapers, product designers, graphic designers, manufacturers, logisticians, IT specialists – each of them does, what he or she does best and each of them is indispensable.

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Booklet 2019

Discover our new Collection 2019!

For the summer season 2019 we launched a completely new collection. New designs, new paddles and new accessories! Check it out!

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With the inflatables from Indiana Paddle & Surf, you can easily travel the world. We offer boards for all your demands. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner, an advanced paddler or even a professional paddler; we’ve got you covered!

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If you have the opportunity, then get on a hardboard! Our hardboards not only look first-class, but are also produced to a high standard and can be paddled with lots of fun. We have the right board for almost every application.

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Even the best board is useless without a suitable paddle. We have a wide selection of paddles where everyone is sure to find the optimal paddle for their desired use. Our paddles range from simple but high-quality fiberglass/composite paddles to pure fiberglass paddles to high-end carbon paddles; everything a SUP heart desires.

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Accessories such as leashes, life vests that are certified by ISO and waterproof smartphone cases are important for safety on the water.



Last year, Indiana Paddle & Surf launched its own surfing line with a small but exquisite collection of four boards. For our anniversary, we decided to widen out the stock and launch four more surf hardboards.

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Foil Boards

Foiling, or hydrofoiling, is really making waves in the water sports world at the moment. Whether it’s at America’s Cup, the GC32 Racing Tour or during the windsurfing or kitesurfing events at the Olympics, foiling action is always breathtaking.

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News & Events

Be informed about our latest events and products

3. Greenwater Day
3. Greenwater Day
On Saturday, 17.08.2019 the 3. Greenwater Day takes place. Together with many volunteers we will clean the lake and shore zone from plastik and other waste! We ...
Let's celebrate! Starting on the 10th of August you can save 10% on all goods on our webshop! For the next ten days, until Tuesday, 20th of August! Better h...
SUP Station Wädenswil
SUP Station Wädenswil
We are happy to announce that we will again operate the SUP Station in Wädenswil this year. Thanks to the cooperation with Manuela & Martin, the owners...

Event Calendar

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Rental & Stations

You have the opportunity to rent and test Indiana Paddle & Surf products before you buy them in over 50 different Indiana SUP stations worldwide. The ideal boards for renting stations are the Heavy Duty boards, which are available as 11’5 hardboards and as 11’9 inflatables. The boards are built to be extra robust and almost indestructible. Fins are delivered with the boards. We also recommend stable fiberglass/carbon paddles, leashes, life vests, the new Restube PFD and other accessories.

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Our Ambassadors

Our team consists of thoroughbred paddlers, surfer, racer and sup yoga instructors. Get to know them and find out who respresents Indiana Paddle & Surf.

Of course, we are always looking for new faces! Do you have an exciting project or planning the big deal? Just contact us!

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