Leilou Spano

Name: Spano

Surname: Leilou

Homebase: Lac Leman / la Gouille du Rosel

Country: Switzerland

What are your favorite spot(s):

My favorite spot is somewhere lost in the Mediterranean, where translucent water takes you into wild landscapes between dreams and reality. I enjoy walking along the cliffs where the waves explode against the rocks. Here is the very description of my secret spot.

Your craziest, best, funniest, or most adventurous ride ever:

One of my craziest rides was when I took my dog out to sea with me for a via Ferrata on a rocky outcrop far from the coast. There was a headwind, side waves, in the end, I was fighting for 1h30 against the sea.

Other hobbies when you’re not on the water:

Climbing, Slackline, Fitness, Mountainbiking, Trailrunning

What I Do


Your goal in 2022:

Participate in the ICF Stand up paddle worlds in Poland in Gdynia. And learn new techniques to improve my performance with the champions.

Tell us about a personal achievement:

My second place in the 2021 Swiss sprint championship was incredible. I had never done an official sprint race, and I absolutely loved it. Having to give the maximum of performance over 50 meters with two buoys was a magnificent experience. It was extremely exciting to witness. Of course, there was stress but control and concentration remained essential. This was a nice challenge to overcome.

Your favorite quote:

"Realize your dreams to discover your limits"  and

"If your dreams don't scare you, they're not big enough" by Mike Horn

Anything you want to let the world know:

Stand Up Paddling is not just a hobby, but a real sport of endurance and technique. You need to do a good analysis of the water and the wind conditions. Only the km can make us perform. It is a sport to discover magnificent landscapes that allow us to discover inaccessible places and to explore them.  





Indiana 14'0 Flat Water Carbon 21.5''


                   Indiana 120 Kite/Pump Foil Carbon              Indiana Dockstart/Pump Foil 1100P Complete

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