Philippe Roose

Name: Roose

Surname: Philippe

Nickname: Fluppe, Phil

Homebase: Oostende

City: Gistel

Country: Belgium

Facebook Name:  Philippe Roose

Instagram Name: Nomada_del_mar

Your favourite quote:

Only solutions

Indiana Board 1: Longboard 9.0

Indiana Board 2: Shortboard 6.0

You enjoy your board(s) in:

☐ SUP Races         ☐ SUP AdvenTours   ☐ Surf Foil Wake ☐ SUP Yoga & Fitness

In which country(s):

Costa Rica, Indonesia, South-Africa, Sri Lanka, Morocco, France, Spain, Portugal, England, Fuerte ventura

  Your favourite spot(s):

Killers, german right, le porge

Your craziest, best, funniest or most adventurous ride ever:

Morocco and Costa Rica

Other hobbies than riding a board on liquid water:

Surfskate, Longboardskating, mountainbiking, hiking and running

Your goal 2019:

Travel and explore new spots

Your best contest results so far:

Free surfer

Anything you want to let us and / or the world know:

Live your life, you only got one and do what you love to do