Since 2010 we have been doing everything we can to offer our customers fun on the water.

For the 2020 season, we went one step further and asked ourselves the crucial question: How do we immediately make every water enthusiast aware of the advantages that our boards have over other inflatable boards on the market? Our answer is Stand Up Paddling 2.0: Even more functionality for relaxed paddling fun.

Dropstich Technology

DROPSTICH TECHNOLOGY 2.0: For our boards, we use the very best dropstitch material available on the market: woven pre-laminated double layer, knitted pre-laminated double layer, woven real double layer, woven single layer or knitted single layer.

Split FinBox

SPLIT FINBOX: Thanks to the two-piece split finbox you can roll and stow your board much more easily.

Straight Shape

STRAIGHT SHAPE: All inflatable Touring and Race boards have a straight shape without a nose rocker for better speed
and directional stability.

Hyperflow Fins

HYPERFLOW FIN: The Hyperflow fins, made of sturdy polyamide with anti-seaweed technology and plenty of surface for
optimal directional stability will fascinate with the first paddle stroke.

Wheelie Bag

WHEELIE BAG: All wheelie bags are equipped with the Paddle Connecting System. The paddle works as a draw bar with which you can pull or push the wheelie bag. Getting to the water has never been more relaxed.

Fiberglass foot bases

FIBERGLASS FOOT BASES: The fiberglass reinforcements under the feet ensure a hard and direct base and give a real
hardboard feeling.

Cam Connector

CAM CONNECTOR: The camera can be easily mounted on the nose of the board. Our D-Ring patch has a ¼-inch thread for
cameras with tripod adaptor.

Smart FinBolt

SMART FINBOLT: With the Smart Finbolt you can attach the fin into the split finbox in no time at all.


SHOULDER STRAP: With the detachable shoulder strap you can comfortably transport your board to the water.


SPEED TAIL: The tear-off edge under the tail lets the water flow off better and gives you even more speed.